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Please contact me today via e-mail ( or mobile telephone (909) 262-3434 to discuss your estate needs and let’s see what help or guidance I may be able to provide.

Settling a Temecula Valley estate is an important task not to mention confusing, if this is your first time through the process or several you do require a professional appraiser. As an executor, executrix, trustee or successor trustee you have been entrusted to carry out the wishes of the deceased or the trust. Doing the right thing is important and receiving guidance on the valuation process is a good starting point as it can intertwine with other parts of your task.

If you are from out of state looking for an appraiser that specializes in this type of work, this task can be especially difficult as there are many appraisers who all say they complete Estate Appraisal work but will they spend the time initially to provide guidance and general information. Combine this with being out of the area, possibly new to the estate process and trying to figure out who is the right person to guide you through valuation process and it becomes worrisome, confusing and consequently critical that you do your due diligence.

In settling an estate usually there are a significant number of potential issues that may need to be considered, with the key being the IRS Treasury Regulations including the correct definition of market value.  I like using the common man approach in discussing issues. Now remember I am not an attorney or a CPA but here is a quick list of the issues that may require an appraiser to assist:

 “706income tax return”

“A & B Trust”

“Step Up Basis of Value”

“Current or Retrospective Appraisal”

“Charitable Donation / Form 8283”

Please call my mobile number below and be prepared to spend 10 to 20 minutes, at no charge to you, to discuss your particular situation and how I can assist in guiding you through the valuation process and confirm if my service will meet yours or Estate needs. It is important you find the right appraiser, whom you feel comfortable with/ trust, can answer your questions and meet your schedule. If I am not the right person then I may be able to refer you to someone else. I believe you deserve that type of service on the initial call.

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