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Residential Vacant Land Estate Appraisal, Anza, CA (Sept 2018) 

Hi, thank you for the very nice report and all of the information you gave us.  I enjoyed working with you, I think your professionalism and nice attitude made the appraisal a pleasant experience.  I truly appreciate the information and the realtor names.  Thank you again for all of your help.  Take care.  Sincerely, Sierra

Residential Vacant Land Estate Appraisal, Temecula (Wine Country), CA ( Feb 2018)

Hi Brad, I want to let you know how much we appreciated not only your rapid and professional appraisal of our land, but also the exceptional knowledge and advice that you generously shared with us.  As property owners that live out-of-state, dealing with an inherited parcel of land, you patiently walked us through every step that we needed to take to correctly assume ownership.  You went way beyond appraisal, and dealing with you has been a delight!
To us, you are known as “Obi Wine Country Kenobi”, as your knowledge of Temecula real estate “forces” is unparalleled.
Christie S. from Arkansas

Real Estate Agent Training Class (Appraisal 101) (August 2017)
It was an AWESOME class! I was bummed I had to leave to interview a new agent. I think it is one of the best classes we have had in a long time! You could have gone on longer in my opinion, except agents had appointments to get to. I think they got a lot out of it and it was valuable to both new and experienced agents. Plus you brought it to a pragmatic level that agents can understand and not appraiser-speak.

Thank you for the materials. If it is ok with you, I am going to have our marketing department blast them out to the entire company, even those who weren’t there. Let me know on that…
I am going to make a recommendation to Vicki to have you back again! Once again, thank you and I look forward to seeing you soon.
Tom W.

Residential Home Appraisal, Aguanga, CA (Sept 2016)
Brad, great to talk with you again. Really glad that you are involved in doing the appraisal since you are one few appraisers who actually understands the Aguanga and Anza market. Also as we talked before I don’t have to worry about you not wanting to drive on dirt roads. If you have any further questions on the sale or the subject property give me a call. Great to hear from you. Justin C.

Property Appraisal, Hemet, CA  (July 2015)
Hi Brad, wanted to say thanks for taking the time to work me on this very difficult property here in Hemet. You are one of the few appraisers that I have dealt with that was pleasant, interested in doing a thorough job and will have a two-way discussion with the Agent. I recognize that you have a hard job, but your willingness to spend some time with me, was a big plus from my side. Not may appraiser cards do I hold onto, yours is on my cubicle wall. Thanks for all your help. Call me if I can be of any help from the agent side. Lisa W.

Residential Vacant Land Appraisal, Murrieta, CA (Nov 2014)
Brad, thank you very much for the appraisal on the residential vacant land. You did exactly what you said you would, completed the report on time and you were very professional. We will certainly call you if we need an appraisal on our home for the trust.  Larry C.

Residential Home Appraisal, Anza, CA (April 2014)
Thanks Brad, for your help and willingness to include me in the appraisal process. We have difficulties with appraisers willing to come out to Anza and to do a thorough appraisal job. It is great as an agent to run into somebody that is willing to set down and discuss our market and the sale data available. I will keep your card. Victoria C.




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