Expert Witness for Residential Litigation Temecula Valley

In any dispute regarding the potential impact of value to a Temecula Valley residential property due to some impact by the acts of others can impact a property. Typically one or both party’s litigation team will engage the services of a professional real estate appraiser to estimate the market value of the residential real estate in the before and after condition in an attempt to analyze the impact on value, if any.

Prior to beginning our conversation about the case, I like to ask a couple of basic questions to verify that I do not have a conflict of interest with the parties in the case. Always best to discover that up front, versus finding out after I know the particulars of the case. Even if a conflict and issues have been discussed I will maintain confidentiality regarding the initial discussion. If engaged, I will provide comprehensive appraisal reports either written or oral, which will meet or exceed requirements of the court and/or other various agencies and are defensible in court. While working in conjunction with a law firm, I will communicate regularly with the attorney and their staff, including the paralegal, I will combine thorough research, review what the market direction is indicting and form direct opinions on the pros and cons of the case, based on the research and data available. This will be conveyed to the law firm in order for them to understand the merits of the case from a Temecula Valley appraiser’s perspective. I am bound by the ethics provision within the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, (USPAP), which means you’re assured the confidentiality and professionalism required. In addition I can provide a consultation service to the law firm, in order to provide real estate guidance and to assist aspects of the case and how it might be impacted depending upon the market area pricing and trends.

The appraiser must be willing to provide pertinent data in a timely manner. The other part of the appraiser’s piece in a litigation case is to communicate with the attorney and his/her team in a timely fashion on all matters deemed relevant, it is important to pose the positive and negative issues that could impact the case.

Many times the case may involve dates that differ from the date of the site visit, thus requiring a prospective or retrospective appraisal, that has an effective date and market value estimate corresponding to the date of filing or discovery of the damage(s). I’ve completed appraisals over the years for these types of situations, so I understand what is involved, as well as the need to handle these situations with the care and that includes maintaining a good line of communication with the retaining counsel.

When you work with Brad Bassi, SRA founder of Straw Hat Enterprises you can be assured that I will work to provide the highest level of professional service, quality appraisal reports or consultation.

I have experience in dealing with local and out of area law firms as well as, accountants, title companies and mediators from Southern California, when it comes to litigation matters.

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