Was fortunate and lucky enough to have Tim Andersen contact me and ask if I would consider an interview. Of course, it took me about 5 nanoseconds to say yes, to a really nice man and a very knowledgeable appraiser out of Florida. Tim is a USPAP instructor and assists in the defense of appraisers who may be in front of a State Board of Review. Our 35 minute interview (https://youtu.be/rZn9-v-tc7I)  covered my background prior to appraising, my appraisal career and why in the world did I go and get my SRA designation at the ripe old age of 65. It was a fun time and he made me think about some of my past careers and how they lead and benefited me today. Many thanks to Tim for considering me for that interview. He called me a mover and shaker in the appraisal industry, but that is a little uncomfortable title when I compare myself with some of the others he has interviewed. If you have some time and really want to find out what makes an appraiser do the things they took, take a listen. I think you will have some fun.

Tim Andersen, thank you so very much for taking your time to conduct the interview, I was both honored and humbled by your request.

With all this Covid-19, economic issues and social issues, please be safe out there and stay healthy. And remember “Sometimes the turns we don’t expect to take, will lead us to where we want to be”