Hello and howdy to y’all. I know the last three weeks have been more than entertaining. But hang in there,

Wanted to make a quick post, no not about on-line shopping, missing toilet paper, homeschooling or social distancing. About Real Estate and how it is moving but albeit in a new way. Virtual tours, no open house showings, sellers not wanting strangers wandering through their homes and other fun things. The key right now in Real Estate as at most times is “CLARITY”. It is important to understand what your personal, business and family needs are with regards to RE. Then survey / interview through telephone, Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime the agents out there in your area and find the one that will best fit your needs.

Several suggestions, please don’t hire your cousin’s brother’s, finance, because she is a nice person or it is someone you think will give you a cut discount rate on commission. And no I don’t mean the agent that tells you what you want to hear regarding the price on your home. Just because you have a number in mind doesn’t mean that is the reality of what the market / buyer is willing to pay. If the agent asks you first what you think your house is worth, then I would run for hills. You need, want and deserve an agent/broker that is going to give you the facts and not a big sales pitch. They should also be able to discuss the issues that face us right now, changes in interest rates, shocking unemployment numbers, fiscal stimulus and all the other ingredients that make up this crazy world we have lived since essentially March 15, 2020, when the Federal Reserve cut the Fed Funds rate to “0”. The other thing that should not come out of their mouths is how great the market was, is and will be. They have no idea, none of us do as we don’t know the future if we did, I would have the pick 6 Mega Millions number, would retire with my $200,000,000 winnings and wouldn’t be writing this blog.

So here are a couple of thoughts. First off right now very few appraisers are doing interior walk thru’s for obvious reasons. So it is incumbent that you get an agent that can write a great MLS description of your home and then is willing to get a bundle full of very detailed photos of the interior and exterior of your home. This is always important in my opinion but right now it is key as that will be how the appraisers look and review your property either for sale or future refi. The more of you that have good agents doing their job, the better the appraiser can value you and others homes. I still see MLS data sheets with 1, 3 or 10 photos, and no description of the property, REALLY. WHY, is the film they are developing expensive or does it cost them $500 to import into MLS, oh no the great sold before listing phrase. Always great but what does that do for the next person looking for market data in their particular neighborhood. You are probably hearing the sarcasm¬† and you would be right. Get the agents to upload as many photos as possible the more detailed the better. Make sure they show the front, side and rear views of the home including landscaping, pool/spa and views, interiors with all rooms, flooring, counter tops in kitchen and bathrooms, appliances, and cabinets. Highlight any updating or remodeling that was completed. Oh yea if you have solar panels have the agents comment on if they are owned, leased or under a power purchase agreement. All key items.

Lastly RE is complicated enough without the Covid-19 running loose. So once you decide to get involved in selling or buying, find a good agent who will tell you what you need to know, not what they think you want to hear. Be clear on what your needs are, don’t confuse them with a big dream list, be flexible, willing to negotiate and for goodness sake remember to breath (okay use a mask if near folks) and remain relaxed. This may be your single largest investment of your life. Treat it that way, but be realistic and optimistic and work a professional RE agent and/or appraiser to assist in the process.

Here is to hugging again, hanging with family and friends and heading out the Wine Country and getting a glass of wine and maybe something to eat. Give me a call if you interested in discussing your particular situation as I my mission to guide individuals through quite possibly there single largest investment. My mobile in (909) 262-3434. Take good care and be safe out there. Brad