The following Charts are the for the Cities of Temecula, Murrieta, Menifee and Wildomar. These charts are from data off CRMLS webpage and show some general price information over the last 10 years for detached single family homes. These charts show the change in Median Sale Price over the last 10 years. You should note that the peak of the market in this general area seems to have been 2007, with a slow down in pricing and changes in pricing occurring in the early part of 2008.


Temecula Median Sale Price since 2008


Murrieta Median Sale Price since 2008


Wildomar Median Sale Price since 2008


Menifee Median Sale Price since 2008


Click on the link for the Chart to appear. Once the chart appears you can move your mouse arrow over the chart and see the various median sale prices.

Will set up the Average Sale Price per City in the next Blog Post.