I know that typically a blog is to be about something of interest to those in the Real Estate field. In this particular blog I am going to pat myself on the back after spending the last 12 months taking classes, tests and prepping for the final 10 days of two classes. After that was all completed I then had to set up my last eight months of files in order to present enough hours and reports for the Appraisal Institute Screener to review. In December 2018, I was notified that I had completed all the tasks for the SRA and I am now a designated member. To those not familiar, getting the designation is like going into a graduate program in your specific field. The SRA hasn’t made me any taller or better looking, but I have learned some valuable tools that will assist my clients and increase in the quality of my work. Now you might think, hey wait a minute does that mean the quality of my work previously was not good. Nope, just means that I have learned some valuable tools to improve the work that I have been completing all along. A lot of money spent and time away from the office, but I feel like it was worth it. Hopefully, my clients will think so as well. Quick thanks to Carrie Vann at the Appraisal Institute for all her help in moving me through the program. I had to take the classes, past the tests and overall make sure my body was in the seat in class, but Carrie, helped the journey go a little smoother as she helped me navigate through the world of AI.

Here is to a great 2019, for all of you and as I always like to say in the classes that I teach, watch the 10 Year Treasury Note as its yield will tell you, which way the mortgage rate is heading and eventually how the real estate market will react to the changes.

Take good care and remember that Time is precious, it should be handled with care and opened with love. All my best to you and your families during 2019.

Brad Bassi, SRA